ctc tour in Canada

28th July to 12th August 2004

Led by Brian Curtis and Derek Watts
Website construction by Ken Hardy

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This website is a photographic record of this tour, along with a brief description of the activities of each day. For more information about ctc tours in general, please visit the ctc tours website. To join these tours, you do need to be a member of the ctc but there are, of course, many benefits to membership!

Our route, starting at Montreal, cycling to Québec, then cycling a loop along the south side of the St Lawrence to Rivière-du-Loup, ferry crossing to the other side then back to Québec, including a circuit of Ile d'Orlean. Total mileage covered: about 650.


For those who may be interested, unless otherwise stated the pictures on this site were taken by Ken & Linda Hardy on Canon digital cameras (a G2 and an Ixus 430) but all shots are much reduced in size and quality for web delivery.

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