4th August

Another complete day to explore Québec. Coincidentally we had caught the start of a week of celebrations for La Festivale de la Nouvelle France. The whole of the old town was taken up with entertainment and displays of "how it used to be", with many of the locals dressed in period costume.

A view of modern Québec from just outside the city walls.

Parliament buildings

St. Louis Gate

Kent Gate

Modern Québec seen from Plains of Abraham

On Dufferin Terrace

A trompe-l'oeil wall painting on the end of one of the buildings in the old town.

A street play being performed for the visitors - all in French.

Chateau Frontenac seen from the waterfront.

Some of the group took a trip on this boat.

St. Jean Gate. The huge figures were used later in the evening's celebrations.

Parliament buildings floodlit

St. Louis Gate by night