9th August

Our ride back into Québec city took in a circuit of Ile d'Orleans. We chose to take a clockwise direction, pausing for a stop to admire the Montmorency Falls before we crossed the bridge onto the island.

Montmorency Falls, several miles to the east of Québec, are higher the Niagara Falls.

We only had time to view them from a distance.

Crossing the bridge on the narrow path was a bit hair raising! The views were good, if you dared look!

Québec viewed over the water from the bridge.

The cycling on the island is mostly very easy and there are many attractive views.

Looking across the St Lawrence to the hills we'd cycled over the previous day.

Some of us stopped for lunch at Saint-Jean-de-l'Ile-d'Orlean.

This kind of fencing is to be seen all over this part of Canada.