8th August

Another hilly day. The day started right outside the motel with a long climb. We were climbing for 12 miles before we reached the top of the first climb. According to one rider who had an altimeter, we climbed to a height of 2,400 feet at the highest point of the second climb. Again there was a lot of rain but most of us managed to miss most of the showers, but it was very heavy rain when we did get caught.

Panoramas over Baie St. Paul as we climbed the hill.

The traffic was quite heavy on this road but the wide margin allowed us to cycle in safety.

Don't see many of these in England!

As we approached Québec we passed through a number of very pretty villages and the sun shone brightly between the showers.

Our accommodation for the night was in Beauport, just to the east of Québec. As we were approaching, the most mighty thunderstorm broke and most of us arrived soaked!