Monsal Dale

A beautiful, steep sided limestone valley through which flows the river Wye on its way to Bakewell and beyond.

The viaduct used to carry a railway line which ran between Matlock and Buxton, part of which near Matlock has been restored as a tourist attraction. In Monsal Dale, however, the trackbed of the line is used by the Monsal Trail for walkers.

Recently, the Monsal Trail has been made more accessible by the opening up of the old railway tunnels during the Spring of 2011. This has made it possible not only for walkers but also cyclists and wheelchair users to travel, away from motorised traffic, on a safe, quiet route, from Bakewell almost to Buxton. For those on a longer cycle ride, it makes a perfect, easy and flat link across the hills between these two places. The videos below will give you a taste of what's on offer on this lovely new route.

The video below was shot when I was cycling on the Monsal Trail with my grandson.
It will give you a taste of the scenery and perhaps encourage you to have a go at cycling it yourself!

And this one is from "Let's Stay, Peak District