Baslow is a busy little village which, to the casual visitor is more of a gateway to other places than somewhere to visit in its own right. However, if you take the time to stroll around, particularly in the area near the church, you'll find many charming corners to delight the eye.
The church is set in a large graveyard next to the busy road through the town but, get away from the road, and there is real peace and solitude to be enjoyed.
Baslow has a large green where you can sit quietly and contemplate the foolishness of the perceived need of 21st Century man to travel noisily and as fast as possible, as they rush by on the main road that runs along one side of the green. There's a plaque to be found on one of the trees which expresses these very sentiments.
There's a tea shop by the green which is a favourite spot for cyclists and walkers to stop and take refreshment.
The footpath that takes you from the green and into Chatsworth Park is a delight in itself with the bridge over the river and the thatched cottages by the path.