Croatia Island Hopping - ctc tour, September 2005

The plan was to sail back to Baska Voda today. However, having made an attempt, the weather proved to be too rough so we spent another day in port at Korcula.

100_77066x4.jpg 100_77076x4.jpg 100_77086x4.jpg 100_77096x4.jpg P10101466x4.jpg
P10101516x4.jpg 100_77276x4.jpg 100_77176x4.jpg 100_77186x4.jpg P1010135tweaked6x4.jpg
P1010136tweaked6x4.jpg P1010137tweaked6x4.jpg P1010139tweaked6x4.jpg P1010140contrastmasked6x4.jpg 100_77286x4.jpg

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